Surface-Mount Machines

Assembleon MC-5

    Takes place in less than 20 square feet of floor space! This 20000 components per hour machine has up to 108 intelligent feeder slots, and accepts a full component range along with board sizes up to Length X Width 575 X 460mm (22.6 x 18").

Opal XII

     It can handle a wide range of components at speeds up to 12,500 components per hour. The machine is built for round-the-clock production allowing board dimensions up to 460 X 440mm (17.9" X 17.2") to be handled.


     The placement rate is 14000 components per hour. It can handle Components 0402 - SOP, SOJ, PLCC 25 mm (1.0") with Line Sensor Camera. QFP 21 mm with pin pitch down to 0.65 mm (25 mil) Line sensor camera system.


     This pick and place machine capable of 0201 to 54mm square or up 100mm long connectors and 20 mm tall components with 84 feeders. It can assemble 18000 chips per hour.

Recently Acquired 


     World's fastest in its class. The "1 head solution" aims to deliver an ideal mounter that provides both high speed and versatility! Wide support capability turns the concept of "Limitless Expansion" into a reality!


     This giant is a compact high-speed flexible modular with rate of 54000 components per hour. Automatic Tray Supply Unit applicable L700 x W460mm for Super-large PCBs. 0.402 to 45 x 100mm and H15mm Height components applicable.