4-foot PCB Assembly

Let us conformal coat your products

    With our latest purchase of a new state of the art pick and place equipment and its specific software, we are now capable to provide PCB assemblies for LED boards with 4-foot length. The fact is that, 4-foot linear boards would be much more expensive in terms of tooling charges for the PCB fabrication and the stencil fees for solder paste printing. The PCB itself would actually be slightly more expensive compared to two 2-footer solution. But anyhow, we are ready to help you with your projects using 4 foot PCBs.   

   We purchased a high end, state of the art, conformal coat system that would open many more opportunities for us to serve our customers. Our brand new Asymtek SL940 is one of a kind in it's industry and is capable for spary coating, fluid despencing and jet shooting conformal coat material for many PCB applications.