PCB Assembly


WCE, Inc. believes in becoming an integral part of customer’s manufacturing strategy. So, it provides a full range of services to support all aspects of the process from module assembly to board level assembly. Company’s advanced manufacturing capabilities include Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Chip Scale Packaging (CSP).


      Consignment: In this type of assembly, customers send all the components on their bill of material to WCE for us to do the assembly, test, and final packaging. Don't worry! In this type of assembly services, WCE can procure the PCBs for you.


      Turn-key: In this case, WCE will purchase the parts, fabricate the PCBs, provide the assembly, and test the product upon request. The final products could be shipped back to the customer or we could ship them to your third-party partners or your end customers. 


      Box-Build: WCE, Inc. will design, manufacture, test and packs your products based on your instructions to deliver a complete finished product in a box designed with your graphics to be shipped directly to the end consumer.